Out of Commission

So I broke my arm a few weeks ago and have been pretty useless until recently, hence no new work. That being said I am pushing for a January launch of The Inked, a social network for tattoo artists to share what they are working on, very very much like the beloved dribbble.com by Dan Cederholm and company. I am excited to be involved with such an organic product and to be developing for so many users. Oh and seeing the best tattoos in the world won’t be so bad either.

Google Analogue Search Submission Form


Last night I was thinking about things we take for granted on the Internet, and what if they were analogue. Here is the first from that series. ¬†Who doesn’t like an IRS inspired form?

Using conditional statement is_home


I just learned a weird trick at,


I was trying to use standard conditional statments on this very blog page and nothing would work. Using “is_home” worked, despite this being set to the “blog” page in wordpress settings and the Work page being set to the front page. Give it a try if you find yourself not getting any results in your own template.

Sugar Skull

In the spirit of 10,000 hours to become a master, I’ve been making an effort to make at least one creative thing a day. Here is today’s submission.

Why I won’t be buying another Android phone

Recently it has come to my attention that my Droid X, purchased last a little over a year ago, was no longer going to be updated. While it is possible some independent user might release a ROM with a newer flavor of Android (4.0), it seems highly unlikely. I see two problems with the current Android market, both of which might be obvious by now. The first is over saturation. While listening to an episode of Build & Analyze, I seem to remember Marco mentioning how Android phone manufacturers realized that they should just keep making phones with bigger screens and more advanced hardware to keep sales up. While this might seem innocuous at first, realize that the hardware manufacturers are pushing their own products into obsolescence ever month or two. My Droid X was old news only months after it came out. This meant that its resell value was destroyed, but it also meant that it had little chance of continuing support from Motorola/Verizon. Look at the iPhone 3GS, which came out a YEAR before the Droid X. It is STILL supported today by Apple, as much as they might wish to leave it be. I suspect this is because some people might still be locked into contracts while owning this phone. Either way, its one major plus for Apple. I don’t honestly even know what the current Droid Du Jour is today, and don’t really care. I would be content with my Droid X if it wasn’t for the fact that it constantly shuts off. That is my second gripe. Android still feels buggy to me, and while it might not be Google’s fault, but instead Motorola’s, I can’t help but feel slightly duped. I don’t think it is unreasonable to want your phone to just work. I don’t know if I will buy an iPhone, I might just go back to the old fashioned “feature phone” or dumb phone. At least that thing always worked.

Learning new skills

fxphd Logo

Earlier last month I signed up for FXPhd to study Cinema 4D and After Effects. I can’t wait to make something awesome, although it looks like that will take a while. I also have been re-reading the A Book Apart series and taking notes, as I will be teaching a class on Mobile Development next month at http://www.cdiabu.com, so I want to fill their heads with tons of HTML5/CSS3/Responsive goodness.